Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little Shell

Well, hello everyone.
I've had a little crisis of motivation these past few weeks and unfortunately, this blog suffered the consequences. I like to think I've given you all time to catch up on all the lovely knits I've recommended for you so far.
We'll start out the New Year with a recommendation that you'll have to use your imagination on, a bit. The Cotton Bamboo Little Shell top is a free pattern with only 25 projects on Ravelry. Unfortunately, there's not a project bigger than a medium, so you'll just have to take my word on this one.

Wannacoffee, who I could swear used to be Wannagarden, decided to use the recommended Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo in Bayberry. This shell is knit up in a medium on US 4 needles. WC decided to omit the princess seaming on the bust area to draw attention away from "the girls," but I think either option would be fine for all bust sizes. In fact, those of you with less ample bosoms might decide to leave off the seaming so it doesn't cut your chest into pieces.

For you more adventurous types, Fiametta's heavily modified version is worth a look. Corinne (her real name) used Gedifra Ayla in light blue on size US5s. She knit an XS, but with a looser guage and added waist shaping and bust darts. This goes to show that almost any pattern can be forced to look good with proper fit, even if modifications are required. Knitters, if you intend to create wearable art, you must take the time to learn not only the best finishing techniques, but also learn how to modify patterns to fit your body. There are many online articles on this topic available with a quick google search and I may expand on that topic soon.

It's my regret that there are no larger size projects to show you. I can only hope that if you are inspired to try this knit, you'll share your project with us.

In Conclusion:
If you don't know what is coming next, you haven't been paying attention.
V-NECK! Our lovely friend the deep-v neck once again makes an appearance on a flattering pattern. We all know how v-necks (especially the deep variety) can flatter the bust and the face at the same time. We also know that our more ample friends should wear a cami or tee under the deep v to avoid embarrassing revelations. This pattern also has a lovely detail at the neckline that adds emphasis to the v and forces the eye upwards to the face.
In addition to the v-neck, this pattern introduces a new element we should be on the lookout for. Princess seams can give the illusion of a thinner outline, visually sucking in your torso and making it appear smaller overall. The lacy front panel works with the seaming to draw attention inward and subconsciously erase everything outside of the detail.
You'll want to use a cooler yarn like cotton or bamboo for this, since it is a summer garment, but those of you with a few extra contours might want to try a yarn with more body to prevent the fabric from clinging.

Speak Up:
What are your favorite yarns for summer knits? Are there other cami patterns you might recommend? Who is your favorite authority on modifying patterns to fit better? How far are you willing to modify to get the best fit for your body?