Thursday, May 7, 2009

It All Started Like This...

I was inspired to write this blog by a Ravelry discussion on how photographers use "theatrical poses" to make unflattering patterns look more flattering. The discussion moved on to how hard it is to figure out if a pattern will look good on a particular body type. I decided to see how many patterns I could find that would look great on anybody or any body.
I'm going to try to stick to free or individual for-purchase patterns because I don't think anyone should have to buy a book based on a single pattern suggestion. But I'll make exceptions as deemed necessary.
Comments will be moderated, so anything that's not kind- especially about a model's size or shape- will not see light of day here. You may as well not even try.
I'll try to add details about yarn, needles, and any mods if they are available.
If you have a project you would like featured, just let me know. I hope we can all use this as a resource and maybe designers can use it as an inspiration to break out of their size molds.

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