Friday, May 8, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!

The Corona sweater by Canary Sanctuary is not only sexy as all hell, but it looks universally great on everyone I've seen model it. I had a hard time picking out three examples of different body types because there were soooo many choices. Let's begin, class.
The first example is from the genious who created it, Canary Sanctuary herself.

This sweater was knit in Cascade 220 in white, but I don't know the exact colorway.

Can we say "Va Va Voom"?
Let me just get it out of the way and point out that, although she may be wearing a really good bra, I'm convinced it's the sweater that is creating that awesome boobage.
Don't believe me?
Well, then let's look at another fine example.

This sweater is by Ravelry member,
The Corona here (size XS) creates curves by cinching the waist between the wide band of bottom ribbing and the deep-v neckline. The cables around the neck and the hoodie collar bring the eyes up to enhance the decolletage and emphasize the collarbone and neck. Doran used Cascade 220 in the 8885 colorway. I think the 220 was an excellent choice because it keeps the cabling crisp and defined.

Ravelry member,
Lucille, used Kartopu Gokova (that's a yarn I've never heard of and I couldn't find a link) for her Corona (size M). This yarn is an acrylic/rayon blend and has a wonderful drape and doesn't cling as close to the body as the 220 in the other examples. The softer fit is forgiving around areas that we may want to camoflage, but still gives good definition to the cables around the neckline. The deep v in this example still shows off the girls in a nice way, but the sweater overall is a little softer and doesn't put the figure front and center like the sweaters knit in 220.

The Corona is for women who are comfortable attracting a little attention. If you wear this design, don't expect men (and women) to keep their focus on your eyes in a close conversation. A full-bodied yarn like 220 will give you a more structured sweater and create or accentuate curves, while a softer yarn knit a little looser will bring attention up near your face. The softer yarn also keeps the wide band of ribbing from clinging too tightly around the hips/waist/tummy.

Speak up:
What are your experiences with Corona? Did you use a softer or more structured yarn? Did you try to accentuate, create, or hide curves? Include a link to your project to demonstrate.

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  1. I have been wanting to make this top but it is sometimes hard to know what things will look like on a fluffier woman! This is why I like your blog.

    In this specific post I do wish you had shown larger than a size M.


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